The Skirmisher #1

The Great Campaigns series development team (Joe Balkoski and Ed Beach) have been busy at work on the first issue of the brand new gamer's guide for GCACW, "The Skirmisher", published by MMP.
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The contents of this first-ever Gamer's Guide to the GCACW series include:

Standard Series Rules Upgrade Kit:

  • 20-page rule booklet containing the changes you need to make to the older games to play with our new set of Standard Rules that unify all the games in the series.
  • All errata ever published for the series
  • Revised Stonewall in the Valley campaign game victory conditions
  • New optional rules for entrenchment actions, Union cavalry leaders, army leader activation and more
  • Stonewall Jackson's Way map updates and a few Here Come The Rebels! manpower changes based on Joe's latest historical research

Standard Series Rules Countersheet:

  • 130-counter, half-size counter sheet that upgrades all of the corps and division leaders to the standard rules. Leader pictures are enhanced by using actual photographs from the period.
  • Reprints of all of the Roads to Gettysburg military units so they don't have a 0 on the reverse. We upgraded them to the color-coding by corps that we used in On to Richmond!.

Twenty-four Pages of Articles:

  • Series Replay: Brandy Station
  • New scenarios (Bath, New Market, On the Fourth Day, Gaines Mill)
  • Two strategy articles: McClellan's Opportunity and From the Rappahannock to Bull Run
  • Historical article on Harper's Ferry/Maryland Heights
  • Preview of Volume 7 in the series: Grant Takes Command

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