The Skirmisher.  Issue No.  2

Here is a list of the contents of this upcoming GCACW magazine.  Available in 2003.

1.  Historical Module:  Rebels in the White House (RWH)

Covers Early's 1864 Raid on Washington

2.  Historical Module:  Burnside Takes Command (BTC)

Covers the Fredericksburg campaign

3.  The Maryland Campaign: Updated Victory Conditions for HCR Scenario 7

New victory conditions turn the long HCR campaign game into a real nail-biter.

4.  Series Replay:  The Battle of the Wilderness

Two GCACW tournament champs duel it out in the Wilderness.

5.  New Scenario:  Piedmont

Tournament-friendly scenario that uses GTC counters on the SIV south map

6.  "Which Way Did They Go"

The classic article on Fog of War from The General, recently updated for
the Standard Series rules.
... and another installment of GCACW Journeys

Counter Sheet:  130 counters for RWH and BTC

Two Small Maps:

Alexandria extension map (minor updates since original publication in The General)
Baltimore fortification overlay (shows permanent fortifications added around the city by 1864)


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