an update to the scenario from Here Comes The Rebels! to improve competitiveness


Here Come the Rebels! Scenario 3, McClellan's Opportunity, has proven over the 7 years since its release to be one of the tensest, most exciting scenarios in the entire Great Campaigns series.  However after hundreds of games of it, it is now clear that there is a slight pro-Confederate bias.  We'll be adding a few more changes to the scenario in the future to fully iron out these minor play balance problems.  However for the WBC tournament in 2001, we are only making the following minor change:

Special Rule 1 should now read:

1.  The Confederate player automatically wins the initiative die roll in the first Action Phase of Turn 1.  Starting with the second Action Phase, initiative is determined normally.

(In the published version the Confederate Player automatically has initiative in the first two Action Phases).


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