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To get a look at some of the components, click here.  Unfortunately my scanner doesn't do them justice.  The map is gorgeous in person.

Key Features

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Scenario List

Here is a list of all of the scenarios included with Grant Takes Command:

  1. The Battle of the Wilderness: May 5 and 6. 
  2. Grant Crosses the Rapidan: May 4 to 8. 
  3. The Race to Spotsylvania. May 8 
  4. Bloody Spotsylvania.  May 8 to May 12 
  5. Sheridan Rides South.  May 9 to May 12 
  6. Strike Them a Blow! May 21 to May 23 
  7. Bethesda Church.  May 30 to May 31
  8. Trevilian Station. June 8 to June 12 
  9. Advanced Game: The Overland Campaign. May 4 to June 12.
  10. Advanced Game: Marching to Cold Harbor. May 27 to June 12.

Plus two Grand Campaign Game scenarios! (these scenarios require ownership of On to Richmond! and optionally Stonewall in the Valley)

Internet Sample Game

Click to watch a play-by-email game of the Grant Takes Command campaign game unfold...

Joining the Maps

Page 3 of the Grant Takes Command rulebook states "In the overlap area, the north map lies on top of the south map."  Since publication, however, I've looked over the final maps and revised my opinion of the best way to join the two maps.  I now think it is better to place the south map on top.  I've also found a way to join them with a minimum number of cuts.  So here is the...

Recommended Method to Join the Maps

  1. Cut the gray border off the top of the south map.  You can leave the borders on the east, west, and south edges.
  2. Working with the south map, cut off the half-hexes above hexes S0201, S0401, S0601, S0801, S1001, S1201, S1401, S1601, S1801, S2001, S2201, and S2401.  You DO NOT need to continue any further to the east.  The south map lies on top of the north map perfectly across the rest of the map.
  3. You'll also need to cut around the left-hand side of hex S0101.
  4. Place the south map on top of the north map and you are ready to play.

Map Corrections and Clarifications


N1334:  This hex should contain a road to the southeast to be consistent with the south map.


S5620 (Liberty Hall) and S5823 (White House):  These two hexes should both contain a landing.

Clarification:  The following hex is a clear hex: 5410.

Clarification:  The following hexes are rolling hexes: 2923, 3312, 4018, 4118, 4517, 4612, 4713, and 5823.

Rule Errata

Scenario 2, Union Setup:  Wagon Train-C should be setup in hex N1902 (not a second Wagon Train-B).

Scenario 5, Victory Conditions:  Replace the word "destroyed" with "damaged" for the railroad stations in the victory condition list (these are the first nine victory conditions listed).

Page 24,  left column:  For the purpose of the example at the bottom of this column (and the top of the next column), assume there is a landing in hex N5317 on the NW corner of the land in that hex. (We didn't end up with any landing hexes on a river isthmus like there were in On To Richmond, but I wanted to keep the explanation in the rules...)

Page 24,  right column:  The hex number for amphibious movement to the Potomac River should be N5110, not N5408.  Note that even though the map legend partially blocks the path to these hexes, amphibious movement up the river to the landings at N4807, N4902, and N4903 is permitted, and all three of these landings are 9 hexes or less from N5110 (allowing them to be reached from Fort Monroe with a move of three fatigue levels).

Page 25,  right column:  The hex number for Goochland Court House should be S1019, not S1120.

Scenario 11, Special Rule 7, "Washington Artillery":  The last sentence should read: "If the Washington Artillery has already been eliminated, the Confederate Player must deduct a total of 3 from the artillery values of Special Reinforcements (see 25.1) arriving from Turns 7 to 12."

Scenario 11, Confederate Setup:  The command for the Washington Artillery should be SEV, not P-I.

Charts & Tables Errata

Page 2, Command Radius Summary: The final text in this box should read "Red outline defines leader's command radius".

Rule Questions & Answers

Click to go to the full page on Grant Takes Command rule questions and answers...


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