(Union leaders and military units)




Game Design and Development: Ed Beach

Series Game Design: Joseph M. Balkoski

Additional Research: Michael Belles

Map Painting: Rick Barber

Graphic Design: Curt Schilling and Brian Youse

Cover Art: Keith Rocco, "Into The Wilderness: The 140th and 146th New York at Sanderís Field"

Lead Playtesters: Paul Nied, Jim Pyle, Chris Withers

Playtesters: David Belles, Michael Belles, Garth Boucher, David Hall, Bob Jamelli, Philip Jones, Ernst and Monika Knauth, Scott Spurgeon


  • Joins On to Richmond! and Stonewall Jackson's Way maps, allowing campaigns directly from Washington, D.C. to Richmond.
  • Includes a separate rule book: GCACW Standard Basic Game Rules that summarizes the basic game rules for all seven games in the series
  • Includes updated entrenchment action rules to reflect 1864-style warfare.
  • Includes cavalry corps and division leaders for both sides, gunboats, special assaults, and complete action in the Shenandoah Valley and Bermuda Hundred side theaters.


BACKGROUND MAP PAINTING (Richmond Area) ... by Rick Barber

(Check out the hand-painted redoubts!  This one looks greener than the final map.)


SCAN OF FINAL MAP (Western Hanover County ... route of Sheridan's Raid)

(Once again, the scan doesn't show the true colors ... the scan is browner and more mottled than the actual printed map)


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