The General Magazine: Index of GCACW Articles

Volume 29, #4

This issue contains three articles relating to the GCACW series. In addition, there in an interview with Joe Balkoski and the Alexandria add-on map for Stonewall Jackson's Way and Here Come the Rebels.

The Flow of Battle, by Robert Waters - Describes the different types of combat (Column of Route, Hasty, Normal and Prepared) and gives an example of each.

Roads to Gettysburg: Combat Made Simple, by Charles Bahl - Gives instructions on how to use the included GCACW Combat Worksheet.

Roads to Antietam, by Kenneth E. Lee - Gives revised rules for the combined game of Stonewall Jackson's Way and Here Come the Rebels. Also includes several optional rules for the combined game.

Volume 29, #5

Blind Man's Bluff... Stonewall Style, by Carlo Amato - Describes a PBM/PBEM system for Game Mastered playing of GCACW games.

Volume 30, #3

Another issue which features multiple GCACW articles.

Paths to Glory, by Steven Katz - Strategy article for the Roads to Gettysburg campaign game.

Scenario 6 in Roads to Gettysburg, by Joe Balkoski - Official rules changes to Scenario 6 of Roads to Gettysburg.

Great Campaigns: Second Impressions, by John Bolash - Overview and suggested rule modifications for Stonewall Jackson's Way, Here Come the Rebels and Roads to Gettysburg.

Which Way Did They Go, by Patrick Hirtle - Rules for adding fog of war to the GCACW games.

Jackson's March, by Forrest Speck and Ray Rooks - Strategy tips for Stonewall Jackson's Way.

Volume 31, #1

Showdown on the Rappahannock, by Ed Beach - Overview of Stonewall's Last Battle by the game's designer.

Volume 31, #4

Yet another issue focusing on the GCACW system. It seems this series is really catching on!

Teaching Stonewall, by Trevor Bender - Gives a method for programmed self-instruction of the GCACW rules.

Scenario 7: Kelly's Ford, by Trevor Bender - Presents a short teaching scenario for Stonewall's Last Battle. (Note: This scenario is also available on this web site. Click here)

Series Scenario List - Lists all the scenarios included in all the GCACW games, including those scenario to be included in the upcoming On To Richmond. Also gives a link to this web page where new and modified scenarios may be obtained.

The Differences Between 1862 and 1863, by Trevor Bender - Gives an in-depth analysis of the evolution of the GCACW rules and notes all the differences between the rules in each game.

Winning At Cedar Mountain, by Chris Milbourn - Strategy article for Scenario 1 (Cedar Mountain) of Stonewall Jackson's Way.

Strategic Alternatives, by Howard J. Hill - Discusses the Second Manassas and Gettysburg campaigns in GCACW terms.

Summary of Rules Variations - A handy table, printed on cardstock in the center of the magazine, that summarizes the rule changes in each game of the system.

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