Great Campaigns of the American Civil War Tournaments

This year's World Boardgaming Championships is once again the premier event for fans of the Great Campaigns series.  For the first time the Great Campaigns tournament is combined into a single three-day event.  Here is the summary of this year's events and format:

Details on all of these events can be found in the sections below. 


          Location:  Paradise Terrace, Table 4

Wednesday 10am to noon

Hosts: several experienced GCACW players

Learn the mechanics of the system from some of the best players.  Try out a brief scenario: probably Race to Spotsylvania from Grant Takes Command.


Wednesday noon to midnight

GM: Chris Withers

This year's multiplayer campaign game features the updated SJW campaign game, with new victory conditions from Steve Sandy. We'll again have multiple commanders on each side, making it easy for newcomers to jump in. If you have never played in one of these multi-commander scenarios, they are a lot of fun. You can come and go as you please. Feel free to drop by and play for an hour or two.


          Starts Thursday at 9am

GM: Dave Cross

Tournament play will begin on Thursday.  We’ll spend Thursday and Friday in Swiss-format preliminary rounds to choose our 8 quarterfinalists for Saturday.  We are also going to use “parity” scheduling during the preliminary rounds to ensure that players spend most of their time against an opponent at a comparable skill level.


The players with the top two point totals on Thursday advance to the Saturday single elimination tournament without having to play on Friday.



Thursday 9 am

Sheridan Rides South (GTC)

12 pm

Great Flank March (SLB)

3 pm

Strike Them A Blow! (GTC)

The players with the top two point totals on Friday advance to the Saturday single elimination tournament.  At the end of the day, we’ll also find the four players with the top overall point totals for the week (without finishing first or second on Thursday or Friday).  These four “wildcard” players will round out the quarterfinals.



Games not completed by the start time of the next round are subject to adjudication by the GMs and his assistants. 

Bidding for sides:  Players must bid for sides.  First, players secretly select what side they want by placing a Confederate or Union counter in their hand.  If players pick opposite sides play proceeds with no VP modifier.  If players pick the same side, roll dice to determine the first bidder.  Players then bid VPs until a player passes.  That bid becomes the VP modifier for the game.


This year we will try "parity scheduling", along the lines of that used by the National Football League.  We will divide the players into 4 groups:

-- Group 1: top third of the players by AREA rating
-- Group 2: middle third of the players by AREA rating
-- Group 3: bottom third of the players by AREA rating
-- Group 4: newcomers

We will set up the pairings for the Thursday and Friday Swiss rounds with the following goals (obviously we won't be able to hit these numbers exactly):
-- Group 1: plays 75% of their matches against Groups 1 and 2
-- Group 2: plays 67% of their matches against Groups 1 and 2
-- Group 3: plays 67% of their matches against Groups 3 and 4
-- Group 4: plays 75% of their matches against Groups 3 and 4

This schedule will do 2 things.  First, experienced players will get more close, competitive matches.  And newcomers will have an enhanced chance of winning their matches, encouraging them to play longer.

Points: Players receive points each time they win.  No points are awarded for a loss.  Points are given to the winner by taking the loser's AREA rating and multiplying by the scenario multiplier (longer scenarios have higher multipliers)

Seven Pines (OTR) 1.2
Piedmont (Skirmisher 2) 1.0
Battle of the Wilderness (GTC) 1.3
Sheridan Rides South (GTC) 1.1
Great Flank March (SLB) 1.2
Strike Them A Blow! (GTC) 1.3