Part 2: Basic Game Scenario Questions


Q: Basic game rules don't say when in the day's turn reinforcements arrive. The Warwick Line scenario says in Special Rule 3 that Confederate reinforcements come in "at the start of each turn". Does this mean even before the random events and leader transfer phases? In that case, a leader would be able to transfer onto a reinforcement in the leader transfer phase.

A: Yes, if it says "the start of a turn" that means before all other activities. And yes, you can transfer onto those units.

Q: What are the exact limitations on the Confederate siege artillery unit?

A: The siege artillery may attack, but only via an assault action, and may not advance after combat. It can not do a movement activation since it may not move; it may NOT even do a movement activation that goes nowhere just to transfer Magruder into its hex.  As specified in the scenario rules, it is eliminated if forced to retreat.

Q: What happens to the Union reinforcements if the Union reinforcement entry hex is occupied by a Confederate unit?

A: If 5818 is Confederate-occupied, the Union player may alternatively enter at hex 5820 with the same movement point costs. If both 5818 and 5820 are Confederate-occupied, the Union reinforcements may not enter at all.


Q: Is DR Jones supposed to be a complete replacement for Magruder, i.e. can he command McLaws' demi-division as well as his own?

A: Yes, he can command McLaws. Magruder was sick for this part of the campaign (back in Richmond), so DR Jones took over his division completely.

Q: (1) If a wagon train routs six hexes, does the Union get only 20 VP for this? (2) And if the train is then eliminated, does the Union get no extra points for it? (3) Does this include the points for the eliminated 2 Manpower?

A: (1) Yes, only 20 VP is ever granted of the asterisked wagon train items. (2) Yes, no extra points. In this scenario, 20 is the absolute limit of VP awarded from the asterisked wagon train items for a single wagon train. (3) No, the points for the eliminated 2 Manpower are added on top of the 20 VP for wagon train loss. Thus, there could be a total award of 20 VP from the asterisked wagon train items and an additional 4 VP awarded if the 2 manpower is lost in the combat or ensuing retreat. 24 is the theoretical maximum.


Q: Can the Union conduct a grand assault on Turn 1 if Sumner or Heintzelman assault?

A: Yes.

Q: Under rule 12B: if the Union declines a decision the first time one of these events happens, does he get another chance to decide each time one of these events happens subsequently (e.g. each time a unit enters New Kent County)?

A: No. He only gets another chance during subsequent Turn Indication Phases. The four cases in 12B only trigger the special opportunity to make this decision ONCE each game.


Q: What effect does the Naval Battery play for the Rebs, with the gunboats restricted to the James River - East box? Is it purely for historical purposes?

A: Scenario Special Rule 7 notes that gunboats can be used on ANY hex on the James on the South map. So per that, the Union gunboats could bombard Drewry's Bluff. In this case, the Naval Battery is used to protect Confederate units in Drewry's Bluff.


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