an update to the scenario from Stonewall Jackson's Way to improve competitiveness

designed by Ed Beach

Through repeated playing of Stonewall Jackson's Way Scenario 4 at WBC tournaments, the GCACW community has found that the scenario can usually be won by the Confederates if Jackson's men retreat south over Cedar Run after burning the requisite railroad stations. The addition of one additional phrase to the final victory condition makes the scenario much more competitive.  Please change the final victory condition to read as follows:

-3    For each Confederate infantry division ending the game in a hex within Fairfax County OR in a hex in Prince William County that is south of the line formed by Cedar Run and the Occoquan River.

Even with this change the Confederate player still has a slight edge.  We recommend a bid of 2 victory points to play the Confederates in this scenario in tournament play (i.e. the Union player should receive 2 bonus VP at the start of play).

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