an update to the scenario from Stonewall Jackson's Way to improve competitiveness

designed by Kenneth Lee

Through repeated playing of Stonewall Jackson's Way Scenario 1 at WBC tournaments, the GCACW community has found that the scenario is difficult to balance for tournament play. If the standard tournament practice of bidding for sides is used, the bid often becomes high enough that the Union player can simply flee north and win the scenario. A simple adjustment to the Victory Point table is all it takes to remedy the situation.

Here is the suggested change:

  1. Remove the first two entries in the Victory Point Table (+8 for Confederate occupation of Culpeper and +1 to +5 for Confederate units near Culpeper)
  2. Replace these two entries with the following:
  3. Note that "control" is determined as described for Scenario 6, Special Rule 4, on page 28 of the SJW rulebook.

The new victory conditions are much tougher on the Confederate player, reducing the size of the bids needed to balance play. These lower bids eliminate the "Union flees north" strategy. We still strongly recommend that the players bid for sides to completely balance the scenario.

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